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A laboratory-made molecule that is definitely engineered to acknowledge and bind towards the surface area of most cancers cells. Monoclonal antibodies mimic the antibodies The natural way produced by the body's immune program that assault invading overseas substances, which include germs and viruses.

The Dying of tissue in the body a result of an obstruction within the tissue's blood source, a lack of oxygen or both equally factors.

A minimally invasive process needs a smaller skin puncture or really minimal incision to accomplish the intervention, which typically includes the insertion of miniaturized devices.

Among two woman reproductive glands that contain the ova, or eggs, that happen to be introduced throughout ovulation; the fallopian tubes link the ovaries plus the uterus.

A serious condition through which a person Portion of the intestine slides into One more Component of the intestine, comparable to a folding telescope, developing an obstruction and resulting in swelling and inflammation. For specifics of analysis and cure begin to see the Therapeutic Enema for intussusception web site. invasive

A affliction by which the human body's blood clotting mechanism, which turns blood from the no cost-flowing liquid into a thickened point out, is defective.

A device emitting extreme, targeted mild Electrical power which will ruin tissues instead to conventional surgical elimination.

A gap from the partitions of the organ or structure of the human body that develops from the weak place inside the organ or from a deep penetrating wound because of trauma.

CT enteroclysis is a Specific variety of computed tomography (CT) imaging that generates detailed images from the little bowel by infusing contrast material by way of a tube positioned while in the upper tiny bowel. CT enterography

A ballooning away from a section of blood vessel caused by sickness or weak point in the vessel wall. It may well produce rupture and major or lethal bleeding.

A ailment wherein the thyroid gland isn't going to create plenty of thyroid hormone for your body's requirements. Signs or symptoms include excess weight obtain, Strength decline, and dry pores and skin.

A condition of reduced bone mass, with reduced outer thickness and a lessen from the number and measurement in the spongy constructions while in the bone (but ordinary chemical composition), leading to enhanced fracture incidence.

Involving Sneak A Peek Their Product genetically very similar although not equivalent donor in a medical process such as a stem cell transplant. allograft

A minimally invasive technique in which a thin needle or tube is inserted to the abdomen to get rid of excessive fluid from the peritoneal cavity.

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